American Citizens Encouraging Support

A non profit grass roots organization founded in 1990. We have Welcomed Home over 1,000 local Military Men and Women who, bravely serve this great nation. We have adopted six local units as well as local service members during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom and are currently adopting the 790th Chem CO National Guard Unit out of Grandview, who are now training before deployment to Iraq. There are approximately 135,000 men and women currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is our mission to send overseas care packages, cards and letters throughout their deployment. We are working with 6 Military Hospitals, sending Comfort Kits to our wounded. It is our goal to continually support those who are willing to make the Ultimate Sacrifice to Protect Our Freedom.



Awards Presented to A.C.E.S:

A.C.E.S. was presented with Flags that were flown in Iraq with the 737th - 3rd Platoon Army Reserve Unit from Yakima and the 303rd National Guard Unit from Pasco and Flags that were flown in Afghanistan from the crew of Mustang 42, a Chinook Helicopter Unit from Pendelton, OR, and a Flag from the crew of Phantom 27, an Apache Helicopter Unit for support during their deployment.

A.C.E.S. was awarded the Red Cross Real Hero’s Group Award in 2005.

Our beautiful float, which we enter in the local parades, is used to help stimulate and encourage pride in our Military and Patriotism throughout the Columbia Basin areas.

It is with the generous and heart-felt support and donations from the local communities that we have been able to achieve our goals.  We wish to thank the community for their generous donations and encourage you to continue to support our troops at home and abroad.